Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women’s Health services offered in Plano, TX

Having a women’s health care provider behind you can make all the difference. With a dedicated team to help you keep your hormones balanced, screen you for female-specific conditions, and treat issues as they arise, you get the care you need to feel your best. And that’s exactly what Kate Heyde, FNP-C, is committed to providing to patients in Plano, Texas. To get started with women’s health care, call the KAMcare Health and Wellness office or request an appointment online today. 

Women’s Health Q & A

What is women’s health care?

Medical professionals approach women’s health differently. Gynecologists, for example, specialize in helping you keep your reproductive system healthy. That’s certainly beneficial, but they rarely take a holistic approach. Other primary care providers may treat you as a whole person but fail to take special consideration for your needs as a woman. 

At KAMcare Health and Wellness, the team strives to blend all of the care women need. They serve as your primary care provider, ensuring you get the holistic and proactive health care you need while also offering women-specific care. 

The team at KAMcare Health and Wellness is committed to delivering exceptional care. 

Who should get women’s health care?

Any female over the age of 18 can benefit from women’s health care. In your youth, dedicated women’s care helps you best understand your body and can help you manage PMS, irregular periods, and more. 

As you age, a committed women’s health provider becomes even more important. Symptoms arise as your hormone levels fluctuate as you approach menopause, including:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight gain
  • Mood changes
  • Memory problems

Fortunately, you’re not stuck with these unwanted changes. With treatment like bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, your KAMcare Health and Wellness provider can help you feel your best through menopause and beyond. 

What does women’s health care include?

Every female patient at KAMcare Health and Wellness gets annual physicals or well-woman exams. The yearly checkup is an opportunity to be proactive about your health. During the physical, your KAMcare Health and Wellness provider screens you for any health conditions for which you might be at risk, including pap smears for cervical cancer and clinical breast exams for breast cancer.

But your women’s health care isn’t confined to a yearly visit. Your KAMcare Health and Wellness provider partners with you to help you feel your best. For example, the team offers sexual health and thyroid health services to help improve your quality of life. 

To learn more about the personalized women’s health care you can receive at KAMcare Health and Wellness, call the office or request a visit online today.