Sep 12, 2022

To Collagen or Not?
Joint Health Awareness, Collagen supplements may help boost joint health.

KAMcare Chronicles

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To Collagen or not to Collagen? 

Collagen is a protein that is abundantly present in our body. It functions to provide skin its structure and bones their strength. It is found in all connective tissue, joints and intervertebral discs, reticular fibers (say what?) which are found in skin and blood vessels. It is also in parts of the inner ear, kidneys and eye lens. 

We can get collagen naturally with several foods like pork skin, chicken skin, beef, and fish. Why? Because like us, collagen is found in their connective tissues too. Collagen is found in foods that contain gelatin, like bone broth. Gelatin is a protein that is derived from collagen after it is cooked. Also, even greater news is we can get collagen in supplemental forms, like powder form or capsule. 

So should we eat it or supplement it? More research is needed to determine this, but what we do know is that our digestive enzymes break down the collagen from our food into amino acids and peptides. Supplements are already in their broken down form which makes it easier to digest and absorb. So collagen in this manner could be more effective. 


Collagen supplements supported by several studies have shown that collagen plays a role in strengthening skin's elasticity and hydration. With aging means we produce less collagen, which is why we wrinkle and dry up like an Orida Fry. 

Collagen may relieve joint pains by helping the body maintain the integrity of our cartilage. Cartilage is the protective rubber like tissue protecting our joints. Research has shown a significant relief in joint pain when taking collagen supplements. 

Your bones are mostly made up of collagen and it is what keeps our bones strong and keeps their structure. We lose bone mass as we age, increasing our risk for bone fractures and low bone density scores shown in conditions like osteoporosis. Studies have shown that collagen may help inhibit bone breakdown. 

Also, Collagen is found in our skeletal muscles and we lose muscle mass as we age. Some literature suggests collagen can promote synthesis of muscle proteins that are needed to stimulate muscle growth after we exercise. More research is necessary to investigate collagens potential effects on muscle mass. 

Collagen is found in our blood vessels, by providing structure to our arteries. With a decrease in collagen our vessels become less flexible and elastic. Non flexible, non stretchy vessels increase our risk for heart disease. Collagen has also been known to increase HDL. Can we say HEY HEY to Healthy Cholesterol. More research is needed but we are going to say Hey Hey anyway! 

KAMcare patients spoke and the consensus is AGING grinds your gears. Even though we can not stop aging, collagen can help restore joint function and plump your skin. Helping you look and feel great, so yall can get your groove things on, singing HEY HEY all day.  

Have a groovy KAMcare day! Lets get limber for September and not disappoint our joints.